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The Jello Saint

October 1, 2018

Jello Saint & Speedy Receding


Made 100% by Tuesday Teal.

I created this collection entirely made of moving materials... like homemade glittery goo.

My source of inspiration was something I was recently reminded of in my career as a hairdresser, The coolest thing about hair is that it grows. I cut hair with the forward thinking mindset that this "masterpiece" i am cutting that right now is going to change, and the "masterpiece" need to be crafted SO well that as the time goes on that's when it should surprise the client even more that I cut it in a way that looks the way then want it to as it grows. The moment i finish the cut is satisfying don't get me wrong but the feeling I get when my customers come back weeks maybe even months later and think i will be mad and wish they had come sooner and i can kindly remind them that they don't NEED to come back until it NEEDS to be cut. I set and achieve goals daily and its beautiful. life is constantly in motion, I feel the most positive when of that movement is happening! I am not going to be afraid of time because its coming if you want to or not. The thing you can do is see how it feels, if you dont like something (Anything) CHANGE IT (maybe even your hair.JK)  You are never going to know how life feels until you try it. Let life come! 

I will be turning 25 in 27 days and I am going to vow to continue to run full speed towards life. 

 I show this by working with a material that never stops moving and was very tricky to work with. It felt like practice for when life is in fast forward, to be able to take a moment, be patient calm, collected about how to react as efficiently as you can.

Live like your masterpiece will melt in moments, and don't forget your life is the masterpiece.



Cute right? Super cheesy.














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